About us

We believe in
the power of ideas
to do good

We're not your typical creative agency—we're helping make the world a better place. Carbon Creative exists to create game-changing solutions for some of society's biggest issues. We're committed to driving social change, and we're doing it with powerful and impactful ideas.

Our approach

We live in extraordinary times. Extreme weather is now the norm, but our leaders still can't agree on climate change. We're more connected, but we're lonelier than ever. And as the call for equality grows louder, wealth and gender gaps continue to grow. There's much to do.

We're tackling the big issues one by one, and we've already racked up some big wins. Among other things, we've helped reduce smoking rates, we've driven up childhood immunisation, and we've found carers for some of Australia's most vulnerable kids. We don't pretend to have all the answers, but as specialist creatives and strategists with strong digital sensibilities, we're doing all we can to create real, lasting change.

Stepping into
your world

The most innovative creative is a result of collaboration and a common understanding of the brief. We take ownership of the challenge and treat it as if it was our own — that's how we find the most potent insights to take the work to the next level.

Thinking outside
the box

We're not afraid to push the boundaries to find solutions to big problems. Anchored to a watertight strategy, our talented creative team understands what it takes to find the most original, thought-provoking, and award-winning ideas.

Keeping it real,
making an impact

Humans (that's us) are emotional creatures, and we do what it takes to cut through to the humans who need to hear from you. There's too much white noise in the world, so we're all about sparking real emotion to educate and change behaviour.

Our services

  • Creative

    • Campaign
    • Strategy
    • Concept development
    • Design development
    • Above the line
    • Below the line
    • Research
  • Art & illustration

    • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artwork
    • Illustration
  • Graphic design

    • Development & concept
    • Brand design
    • Graphic design
  • Production

    • Video (corporate to broadcast)
    • Motion graphics
    • Animation
    • Photography
  • Digital

    • Digital strategy
    • Website design & development
    • App design & development
    • E-learning solutions
  • Community engagement

    • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community led discussion, consultation & engagement
    • Research workshops
  • Communications

    • Strategy
    • Planning & implementation
    • Event design & management
  • Outreach

    • Carbon Creative owned outreach initiatives that help make positive social change

Supply Nation CertifiedCarbon Creative is 100% Indigenous owned and operated and is a Supply Nation certified supplier.

Our team

We're here because we believe in what we do. Most of our people made the leap across from big agency land to work at Carbon. This means we're super experienced, we're passionate about social causes, and we're ready to shake things up.

We are here
because we believe
that good ideas can
make real change.
Image of Karen Murphy Image of Karen Murphy

Karen Murphy
senior account manager

Image of Angela Hueppauff Image of Angela Hueppauff

Angela Hueppauff
general manager

Image of George Image of George

super pooch

Image of Wayne Denning Image of Wayne Denning

Wayne Denning
managing director

Image of Monique Kneepkens Image of Monique Kneepkens

Monique Kneepkens
co-creative director

Image of Dean McGrath Image of Dean McGrath

Dean McGrath
senior designer

Image of Lieve Torbeyns Image of Lieve Torbeyns

Lieve Torbeyns
senior designer / art-director

Image of James Fewtrell Image of James Fewtrell

James Fewtrell
account director

Lucy Philp Lucy Philp

Lucy Philp
account manager

Image of Romain Gambetta Image of Romain Gambetta

Romain Gambetta
senior designer

Image of Michele O'Sullivan Image of Michele O'Sullivan

Michele O'Sullivan
group account director

Image of Sandra Hind Image of Sandra Hind

Sandra Hind
co-creative director

Eddy Gilmour Eddy Gilmour

Eddy Gilmour
business development manager

Image of Rebecca Blinco Image of Rebecca Blinco

Rebecca Blinco
executive strategy director

Sim Hamisi Sim Hamisi

Sim Hamisi
junior designer

Image of Winston aka Winnie Image of Winston aka Winnie

Winston aka Winnie
pooch junior

Our story

16 years ago, proud Birri and Guugu Yimidhirr man Wayne Denning saw an opportunity to make a real difference to the lives of his fellow First Nations Australians. After more than a decade of working on landmark Australian government policies in Native Title and Land Rights, Wayne's vision put storytelling and creativity front and centre with the goal of changing hearts and minds on a grand scale. Carbon Creative was born.

Image of WayneImage of Wayne

From the mainstream to the marginalised, Wayne's vision has evolved to empower and motivate behaviour change en-masse. Today, Carbon Creative is a team of creative social change specialists making good on this vision. In addition to advertising and communication briefs, Wayne leads his team on self-funded innovative bespoke social change projects, close to the agencies heart. He also enjoys the occasional keynote for like-minded organisations and is forever seeking out ways to shift the needle for the greater good. Never far from his side are his fur besties, groodles, George and Winston.

When he's not leading the charge at the agency as Carbon Creative's Managing Director, Wayne keeps busy advising boards, doing keynotes for like-minded organisations, and completely spoiling his dogs George and Winston.

Image of Carbon TeamImage of Carbon Team